Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Store Site is LIVE!

So many things going on this week!

The new store is OPEN! Ahh!! I can't believe the time has finally come! You can get to the store by clicking "shop store" on my menu tab OR you can just go to this link (the site is

Products available

The Teacher's Life Binder - 463 pages of teacher organization! Everything! A full year calendar, 41 weeks of lesson plan pages, student information pages, long range plans, meeting notes pages, parent-teacher conference pages, forms for your substitutes, a section for home finances, to do lists, grocery lists, a section for your teacher-preneur life (those of you with blogging jobs!), a section for taxes, and MORE! Can you believe there is more than that? I really tried my best to think of everything! My family, teacher friends, and anyone else I could question has helped and given their input on what they would need if they had an "all in one" binder! I hope you enjoy it as much as me! I feel so organized to have everything all in one place! I am never caught off guard and always know that I can just grab my binder and go! 

2 designs available in hard-copy 

First design - The Teacher's Life Binder: Out & About

Second design - The Teacher's Life Binder: Preppy Apple & Bow Ties

Digital stationery - purchase it once, and print unlimited cards! Ready for you when you need them! Stop running out to the store at the last minute!


Tomorrow is the TpT SALE! 

My store, as well as many others, will be on sale for the entire two days! Have fun shopping!!


May 5th is my husband's birthday! He is the best! ALMOST 2 years of marriage! He is the best! I just love him so much and I am so proud of us and all we have accomplished! Time to celebrate how great he is to me! 

Happy MAY!